Your roof and your attic insulation

As the fall weather continues to approach us here in the Albany area, more people are showing concern for their roof and ensuring that they are in proper working order. Further, homeowners want to ensure  at their homes are adequately insulated a protected from the elements.

It is important to have a strong, well installed roof in your home but it is equally important to ensure you have the right type of insulation to keep your house warm.

Most people are familiar with the rolled insulation you can buy at Home Depot.  This is called batts.  This is an old middle English term that means a lump of cloth material, much like you would find in a quilt.  This type of insulation is extremely popular can use in attics around the Capital Region.

If you are researching Albany roofing companies, you want to work with someone who will help to insulate your attic with cellulose or fiberglass blown in insulation.   The reason for this is blown in insulation provides better coverage in your attic, it will trap more air than batts and will ensure maximum density of insulation.

The R value is extremely important when having insulation installed.  You want to be careful to work with a company that doesn’t attempt to fluff the blown in insulation which is actually creating less of an insulation barrier and will reduce your home is ability to retain heat.

It is important for you to do your due diligence when looking for a roofing company. You want to work with somebody who has experience installing both residential and commercial roofs in the capital region.   A company that will not cut corners and do the job right the first time.

If you are considering having a new roof installed or thinking you might need some roof repairs, please contact Ultimate Roofing today & schedule your free onsite evaluation.

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