Your New Roof Could Fail: Here’s Why

Homeowners take on a roof replacement project once their last roof has met its end. It could be a good 20 years before most people get a new roof installed. The process of roof replacement is not a simple one and requires a lot of time, energy and of course, money. But what if the new roof you’ve just installed fails?

A new roof failing is unfortunately, not so uncommon and many homeowners face this problem. If you’re wondering why a new roof could fail then check out these important reasons below.

Inadequate Installation Work

As mentioned before, roof replacement is a huge undertaking and a project that requires a lot of technicalities and manpower. If your roofing company is not up to the mark, your roof might be in the hands of poor craftsmanship and crude techniques. To avoid hiring an amateur roofer, ask the contractor of how he plans to move with the project. Any unfamiliarity is a red flag you want to avoid.

Shoddy Materials

This one’s on the homeowner. A lot of people grab the cheapest material for their roof but they don’t realize the damage this cheap material could do to their new roof. Sure, you want to buy something affordable but don’t go down that road at the expense of your new roof quality. Price shop around to get the best deal on good quality roofing materials.

Faulty Flashing

Flashing is the glue on your roof that keeps moisture in control, cracks sealed and prevents the roof from collapsing. In case of a poor flashing installation, your new roof might not last for a long time.

Inadequate Ventilation

The roof, just like the interior of your house, needs to be properly ventilation. If you don’t let your roof breathe, you might just be decreasing its lifespan because of heat build-up. Make sure fresh air is always circulated inside the attic while warm air is expelled out to ensure proper ventilation.

If you are not sure if your roof has been installed properly or need help with a new roofing estimate, call the best roofing company in Albany, Ultimate Roofing!

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