Will My Roof Be Covered By My Homeowners Insurance?

Purchasing a new house is usually an exciting process. There is much to get excited about, yet before you lose yourself in all the fun, there are a couple of details that are less fun that needs to be considered such as homeowners insurance. It might appear straightforward, yet there is a lot more than you need to know about. Here is the information you need about home insurance and how to get the best cover for your roof.

What Damages Will Be Covered?

Many of the policies linked to homeowners insurance will cover damages that occur to your roof that are unavoidable. This typically includes the damages that result from “acts of God”, which includes hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. The damages that result from the common sources such as hail, rain, or wind might be covered, yet the factors and conditions that will determine the coverage can vary from one policy to the next. Wear-and-tear and age will usually not be covered with an insurance policy, and usually regarded as costs that the owner will be liable for. Due to the nature that is usually intricate with insurance policies, it is better to check with an agent to find out what you are covered for when it comes to different situations.

How Will The Damages Be Covered?

When it comes to homeowners insurance, typically there are 2 primary methods to asses the roofs value. This includes ACV (Actual Cash Value) which is a depreciated value for the roof. This appraising method will consider how old the roof is when the damage is reported. The depreciation formulas will be worked out differently from one insurance provider to the next and is not a standardization across this industry. The other method for assessing roofs when the damage occurs is the RCV (Replacement Cost Value). This is a type of assessment that won’t include the depreciation yet will rather consider the costs involved to replace your roof. It might seem like a tedious task to find out if the policy is RCV or ACV, yet this will make a great difference if the situation ever arises that you have to replace the roof over your home due to damages that are covered.

Why Is It Important To Know How The Damages Are Covered?

Similar to any type of insurance coverage, it becomes important to know how the policy will affect the premium, the deductible, and ultimately your pocket. It is up to you to decide which policy matches your specific situation. For this reason, you should use the services of a qualified insurance agent to give you sound advice on the right homeowner’s policy, yet here are a few things of importance that you need to consider:

The ACV policies are usually linked to lower premiums, yet if your roof does experience damages, a depreciated appraisal conducted on the roof will mean you will be forced to pay more out of your pocket.

The RCV policies might come with higher premiums, yet if the event arises that the roof over your home needs replacing, then you are only liable for the deductible.

When you choose homeowners insurance, you need to understand the conditions associated with coverage which means the types of damages that will be covered. You also need to know about the coverage type which includes RCV or ACV and the costs linked to this coverage which is known as a deductible or premium in order to arrive at a policy that matches up to your unique requirements.

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