Why Should You Choose Metal Roofing?

You probably haven’t seen metal roofing around a lot around the Albany area. Heck, you’ve probably only seen them in the more offside, peripheral areas of your city. It’s not because steel is cheaper or doesn’t look attractive. The only reason why people turn to other roofing materials (mostly asphalt) is because it can come in a variety of designs, colors and shapes. With steel though, the choice of how your roof will look is pretty limited.

But what if I tell you that metal, specifically, aluminum, is actually a better roofing material option than your average asphalt? Don’t believe it? Here are a few reasons why you should consider your new roof to be built in steel.

Tough as Nails. Practically Immortal.

The problem with your regular roofing materials is that they undergo constant wear and tear and need a lot of careful monitoring and maintenance. Even if you take care of your roof properly, get regular roof inspections and repairs, a time will come when the repairs and maintenance won’t be able to hold your roof anymore. You probably will have to replace your roof completely and that is a pretty big investment.

With steel, you make that investment the moment you install it. Steel roofs are relatively more expensive but they survive wear and tear and insult for decades – they’re practically immortal. You won’t have to worry about maintaining your roof or getting constant repairs if you have a steel roof installed.

Weight Matters.

Unlike concrete and other earth-based materials, steel is light in weight but incredibly durable and strong. Shingle roofs are a lot heavier than a steel roof – that’s important. And I’ll tell you why.

The roof sits on top of your house and ultimately can weigh down on the structure of your house. A heavy asphalt/shingle roof can affect and weigh down a lot more than steel can. This could decrease the lifespan of your actual house. Installing a lighter roof made of steel will increase the longevity of both your house and your roof.

It’s Not Eye-Candy but Definitely Classy!

Here’s where preferences matter and opinions can form. For those who love variety and color in their roof, steel isn’t the best option for them. But for those who want to avoid going down the tacky road at all costs and want to stick with simple, neutral aesthetics that will probably be in fashion for a long time, choose steel. It’s modern and a lot classier than the traditional shingle rooftops.

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