What To Choose Between Skylights And Solar Tubes?

Is your indoor lightning in need for an upgrade? There are many pros an cons to choosing solar tubes or skylights. Depending on your specific situation, one of these solutions could be better than the other. This article covers a few details you may want to know in order to choose what’s best for you to bring some natural light into your living or working space.


Skylight windows and solar tube light fixtures fulfill a similar role, which is to lighten a space. While solar tubes are installed directly on the roof, skylights need to be cut and installed by roofing contractors. Solar tubes use the energy of the sun to illuminate bulbs of different powers. Skylights provide openings for natural light to get into an indoor space.


Both lighting solutions use natural light. Tubes are probably better during the evening or in bad weather conditions. Nevertheless, a skylight window will offer you the opportunity to see the outdoors on any kind of weather. Taking into account its consistent performance, tube lighting is a solution that suits most households and business offices.


Both skylights and tubes are easy to use. However, their installation calls for a professional team. There are some DIY solar tube kits on the market. However, when it comes to long-term use, skylight installation provided by roofing professionals is the way to go.


More often than not, skylights cost a bit more than tubes. On the other hand, a skylight is an investment that can increase the market value of your house. Always try to figure out whether a skylight would add value to your home by increasing its appeal. Tube lighting can also curb the appeal of a property, although potential buyers don’t perceive it as such.

Specific Conditions

Last but not least, assess each of these two options to identify the one that’s actually compatible with your house. Ask an Albany roofing contractor like Ultimate Roofing to assess your specific conditions and to determine the optimal lighting solution. Call us for more information.

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