What Time of the Year Should I Get My Roof Repaired?

Albany homeowners usually invest into their roofing projects in the early fall or late summer season to get it ready and prepped for the winters. It’s the time of the year when professional roofing companies and roof inspectors are busiest.

But while everyone is busy fixing their roofing problems in this peak season, there’s a chance you won’t be able to find a contractor if you haven’t planned ahead. Plus, the peak season will mean higher expenses and lesser time and attention to individual projects.

The weather around fall (September-October) might be ideal to get roofing repairs and new installations, but there is another season that could prove as a great option for your roofing projects – winters.

You’ll Save More Money

Since the winter season is an off-season, roof contractors and companies will be more easily available and their prices will be more negotiable. You might end up getting a great bargain on your roof repairs if you get it done in the winter season.

You’ll Get More Time and Attention

In the peak summer/fall season, your roofing company might not be able to give your house enough time or proper attention since there will be a lot of competition and other work on their plates. In the winters, you might get the entire season to renovate and prepare it for another full year or two with the undivided attention from your roofing company.

The Drawbacks

There are some technical drawbacks of choosing the winter season to schedule your roof repairs. With the harsh weather conditions in some areas, your roof might be inaccessible on some days because of the snow and wet slope.

If you’re getting a new roof installed, you might also find some difficulty during the thermal sealing process of the shingles that require high temperatures to install. This could eventually add up to the final cost of your roof repair and installation.

The Bottom Line?

It’s best to plan ahead and try to choose a time at the very beginning of the off-season or the very end of the peak season. If you live in extremely cold environments, roof repairs should not be scheduled in the winters as they can increase the cost needed for thermal sealing of the shingles.

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