What NOT To Do When Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Albany!

Suppose a storm just hit town and you notice the ceiling of the attic drip. What do you do? Call a professional roofing company of course. Simple as that…or is it?

The actual process of signing a deal with a credible company and starting work is no big deal but it’s the period of the work and the final outcomes that can make or break your entire experience of hiring someone.

If you don’t want to end up disappointed by your choices, there are certain key things you need to avoid at all costs. Here are some things to not do when hiring a company.

Do NOT go with Door-to-Door Companies

We have seen and heard of many roofers that seem to pop up from nowhere all of a sudden when a crisis such as a bad storm hits town. These roofers will go door to door offering their services to fix your damaged roof. While the offer seems quite attractive and convenient, this is the road you’d probably want to keep clear from. These companies are often not licensed, have no physical location where you can reach out to them in the future and have no evidence of their skills. There’s little to research on these specific businesses as well so you won’t be able to find any customer reviews on them easily either.

The best strategy we recommend is to wait until the harsh winds pass and hire a proper, licensed roofer in Albany with solid credentials and someone you can seek out in the future if there are more problems with your roof.

Don’t Forget to Do Prior Research

As mentioned over and over again, research is imperative before hiring a company. This means you need to find out whether the roofer you’ve set your eyes on is licensed, insured, has good client feedback and reputation, and offers warranties.

Don’t Take Your Contract For Granted

The long dull paperwork can be boring to just about anyone but if you’re the homeowner, you need to keep your eyes peeled. Don’t skim over the paperwork and read the contract fully. Check whether everything is insured, how they will replace the roof, what the policies are in case of unforeseen accidents and damages, how payment is collected and then schedule your roofing work as expected.

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