Top Roof Maintenance Tips


The roof is one of the essential parts of every home. Without one, everything in the house would be exposed to all the harsh elements of the weather, among other nasty conditions. That said, it’s essential to keep the roof in the best condition possible through regular roof maintenance. Routine inspection and maintenance (twice annually) are therefore recommended. Outlined below are some of the essential roof maintenance tips and tricks you need to know about. 

1. Inspect for Rust
This is depended on the type of roof you have. Metal roofs are susceptible to rusting hence should be inspected regularly to detect even the slightest signs of rusting. You not only need to have the roof inspected for rust but screws as well. Simple cleanup and coating would help prevent rusting. 

2. Replace Missing And Damaged Shingles
Broken, curled, or missing shingles are some of the leading causes of roof leaks. Having these replaced as soon as detected can help prevent significant damage to both the roof and valuables in the house. Make it a habit of looking out for broken or missing shingles during one of the weekends. 

3. Have the Flashing Inspected
Flashing help seal off bends and cracks in the water.  This is commonly found around chimneys. It prevents water from percolating inside the roof/house, causing a leak. Inspecting the roof for cracked or missing flashing can save you lots of money in the long run. Check to ensure there are no gaps between the chimney and the roof. 

4. Keep the Roof Clean

The roof, if not taken care of well, can be a magnet for debris, algae, and moss. These elements make your roof have a dull look, and affects the quality and durability of the roof as well. Keeping the roof clean by sweeping, pressure washing, and bleaching any moss from the surface is therefore recommended. Have a professional roofing contractor take on the cleaning exercise. 

5. Keep Tall Trees Trimmed
Tall trees and overhanging branches pose a considerable risk to the roof hence should be trimmed whenever possible. You don’t want a tall tree or large branch falling on your roof during a stormy day. Although you might be able to trim the trees and branches yourself, this can be a risky affair. Consider having an experienced/certified contractor take care of this safely. 

Always contact a roofing expert whenever you detect an issue with the roof. This reduces the risk of causing more damage to the roof. Call us now!

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