Top 3 Tips to Make Your Roof Environmentally-friendly

When you’re planning to get your roof replaced, you need to consider all of the latest options you can use to get the most out of your roof.

Luckily the latest trends in the roofing industry are usually environmental-friendly and they’re not crazy expensive either. In fact, you might find most of the services cheaper than ever before.

Not sure how you can make your new roof environmentally friendly? Here are top three tips that can help you out:

#1: Choose Your Colors Wisely

We’ve all heard that black absorbs heat and white reflects it. That’s basic 7th grade knowledge. But surprisingly a lot of homeowners tend to ignore this science when it comes to their houses. Since black arguably looks more elegant and expensive (it’s also easier to clean!), many people choose dark colors for their roofs even if they’re living in the hot arid areas of Arizona.

Choosing a lighter color for your roof will help keep the heat away from your house and it will help keep away the heat from your surroundings as well. If you happen to live in an environment that is inherently hot, consider going for lighter color options.

#2: Flat or Slope?

Sloped roofs have been around forever and they are still considered the classic roof type. You’re not going to see a 5 year old draw a house with a flat rooftop anytime soon either. But with the advent of energy-friendly solar panels and the trend of vertical or container gardening, many homeowners are shifting to flatter rooftops.

Flat rooftops also look more aesthetic and modern than the traditional A-framed rooftops so if you worry about appearances, flat roofs are definitely something to keep in mind before installing your new roof.

#3: Environment-friendly Tiles

New and improved Spanish tiles are now available to use for your rooftops that are a lot more environmentally friendly and last longer than their predecessors. Spanish tiles are also recyclable and have a pretty good insulation property. But if you don’t want to go that road, choosing a natural material like rock for your shingles could be another option as well.

Environment-friendly roofing is a great choice that can not only benefit your surroundings but most importantly, they can be healthier for you and your family.  Albany offers much winter weather that can damage your roof so be sure to hire a great Albany roofing company that can do the work the right way.  Call Ultimate Roofing today!

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