Things to Consider when Installing a Skylight

Skylights are the new roofing options in town and it seems like its faring pretty well in the industry. They’re aesthetically pleasing and they provide natural daylight and a direct connection with nature inside your house.

In areas where the temperature is low most months of the year, skylights are a popular option because the heat from the sun can naturally keep the house warm. Even in hotter climates, skylights aren’t foreign. They’re a nice way to spice up the interior of your house and you can get your dose of Vitamin D from the comfort of your home. Science also tells us that sunlight can also improve your mood and general health so it’s a pretty sweet deal you’re getting with skylights.

But skylights come with a few disadvantages that need to be considered when you’re thinking of installing them. There are also some precautions you need to remember when having a skylight installed on your roof.

Installation and Repair Problems

Faulty installation of a skylight could severely weigh down the positives of having them installed. Poor installation could actually affect the room temperature in your house completely paradoxically. Instead of keeping the heat from the sun inside, these skylights could actually pull the heat from the inside and project it to the surroundings. This could make your house more chilly than normal and your heating bills could see an increase.

Repairing or maintaining skylights is also a common problem homeowners have to face. Regular maintenance of skylights is important but it’s a delicate process since you can’t always march on top of your skylight like you would on the shingles of your roof. You would also need to get it cleaned regularly since it is a window after all that is constantly exposed to the dust and dirt from the surroundings.

Moisture Issues

Skylights aren’t a hundred-percent moisture resistant. After a heavy storm or rain, moisture could leak into the walls of your house and could encourage mold growth if not kept in check.

To make the most out of your skylight and to avoid these common skylight problems, have a dependable roofing company install your skylight for you.

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