The Disadvantages of Tile Roofing

Tiles have been a common roofing material in the past and are still preferred by some homeowners because of one simple fact – they look beautiful. Although asphalt shingles are still the top choice of roofing material, tiles are a lot more long lasting and more aesthetic. But like any other roofing material, tile roofs also have a particular lifespan and expiry date after which they need to be replaced.

Common Problems with Installation

The biggest problem with tile is that the market is full of it. Choosing a good quality one can become difficult when there are so many choices available. A seemingly prettier tile with a higher price tag does not necessarily mean it will be more durable and last you longer.

When you’re out to purchase the tiles for your roof, you should make sure there are certified and have a decent warranty. Low quality tiles have a warranty of only a year and are not certified. While low quality tiles could save you some money initially, the cost of repairing and maintaining your tile roof will go up significantly.

Another problem with tile roofs is getting them installed by unlicensed and unprofessional roofers. Since tile roofing is not as common as shingle roofs, not every roofing contractor might be an expert in installing them. You should do a healthy amount of research before hiring your roofer of choice.

Common Problems with Tile Durability

Although tiles are considered durable, multiple factors can have an impact on them. Tiles are porous materials that can absorb moisture much more than other roofing materials. With tiles, you’ll have to make sure there are no trees or organic debris in the nearby vicinity otherwise tiles could break and get worn out quickly.

Extreme weather conditions can take a toll on any type of roofing materials. With tile roofs, there’s no exception. You’ll have to get your roof inspected and repaired after a heavy storm.

Tiles are also susceptible to breaking if you attempt to walk on them. Asphalt and ceramic is a lot more durable in this regard and do not break as easily by walking over them.

Here in Albany, we don’t see too many tile roofs but they are out there and available for those interested.  If you are researching Albany roofing companies and want to be sure to work with someone you can trust to do the job right, contact Ultimate Roofing today!

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