Signs that You Need to Get Your Roof Gutters Replaced

Have you ever had the pipes on your roof clogged to the extent that it led to a mini flood? We’ve all been there. With flat roofs, especially, blocked gutters can cause major ponding of water that becomes a roof crisis. The good thing is that usually these clogs are temporary and can be reversed easily with the help of a roofer or even your plumber.

Despite that, even gutters aren’t immortal. Overtime, your drain pipes could stop functioning properly and the frequency of clogging and ponding water can increase ten-fold. Gutters can also break down after a particular stormy day and you might eventually be forced to replace them. Not sure if your gutters are ready to be replaced or repaired? Check out these important signs below to know that you need to consider getting your gutters replaced.

#1: Increasing Frequency of Leaks in the House

A leaking roof once a while is normal and can be fixed. But if you’ve been seeing a lot of leaks recently even after getting your roof inspected or repaired, it could be that your gutters are giving up. Similarly, a leak on the outside of the house is an important sign that your gutter needs to be replaced. Peeling paint, dripping water from pipes and ponding water near your house can all point to a drainage problem.

#2: Growth of Mold and Mildew

Mold is often associated with a defective drainage system on your roof. It becomes particularly problematic since it is hard to remove and might need expensive mold inspection and removal services. If you’ve been seeing patches of green mold on your walls recently, it might be time to replace your gutters.

#3: Breaking Pipes

Aging drainage and gutter pipes can sometimes physically show signs that they need to be replaced. One such telltale sign is of them sagging and breaking away from your roof. Rust and cracks on the pipes are other important signs of aging and the need for replacement.

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