Roofing Companies in Albany Tips: Removing Roof Stains DIY and Professionally

Have you ever noticed your roof getting stained or discolored randomly and out of nowhere? Roof stains are a common roof problem that not only look bad but they can be problematic for your health as well. These stains are often caused by fungi, algae and moss growing unchecked on your rooftop. If you don’t remove the stains fast, they will continue to spread and could become permanent.

Removing roof stains can be done in a DIY way by the homeowner or, more preferably, by a professional roofing contractor.

DIY Roof Stain Removal Method

If you are attempting to remove the stains on your roof yourself, make sure you have taken the precautionary measures. Climbing on your rooftop can be dangerous and can injure you if you’re not careful enough. That applies most on larger, steeper roof tops.

DIY roof stain removal can also damage the exterior of your house especially your lawn furniture and any vegetation you have growing in your garden. Make sure to remove the furniture out of the way and keep the plants covered to prevent any unforeseen damage to them.

You should also make sure that the drains and gutters on your roof are all unclogged so that anything you spray and the water you use on your roof is appropriately washed off.

DIY roof staining can be done using your garden hose and an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaning product. Chlorine is a popular option used by professionals but we really don’t recommend using chlorine yourself if you’re not an expert in handling it. Chlorine is acidic and can sting or burn the skin.

Head over to a nearby hardware store and purchase a safe cleaning product for your DIY roof stain removal project.

Professional Roof Stain Removal Method

Hire a licensed roofing contractor to get rid of those stubborn roof stains. This might be your best option and could even be more economical in the long run. DIY projects might damage your roof and call for expensive roof repairs. Calling a professional to clean the roof stains could therefore be a more cost-effective option.

As a roofing company doing business professionally in Albany for many years, Ultimate Roofing uses chlorine, low-pressure and high-pressure washing techniques to remove the stains once and for all.

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