Roofers in Albany Tips: Is Your Roof Winterized?

It might seem shocking but we’re already into the final months of 2017. Winters are only a few weeks away and might have even started in some areas. While many of us enjoy the cold winter nights with a cup of coffee, warm clothes and huddling next to the fireplace, our roof not so much.

Roofs tend to suffer the most during the winter season because the harsh weather conditions, the storms and snows can all affect the condition of your roof top. Dry, warm weathers have their own disadvantages for the roof but winters are especially problematic.

Is your roof winter proof and ready to take the extreme season this year heads on? Find out below!

#1: Early Roof Inspection and Repair
Before the December winds start, you should make sure your roof is prepared. The fastest way to ensure that is to get a professional roof inspection done. Hire a licensed company to inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs that you might need. The roof inspector will check for any leaks, damages to the shingles, broken flashing and holes and punctures in your roof.

#2: Check the Roof From Inside Your House
The roof obviously acts as a shield for the main structure of your house. If you suspect a major problem with your roof, it should show inside the house as well. Mold in the ceilings, leaky ceilings and damp smells are all signs that your roof might not be ready for winter yet. If you have an attic, it’s a good idea to inspect it for any visible signs of a problematic roof.

#3: Clear the Debris Around Your House
Overgrown trees, organic clutter and debris can all cause damage to your roof in the winters. The debris could clog your gutters and drainage system and could lead to leaks and moisture issues. Check for any signs of overgrown plantation or clutter around the vicinity of your roof and trim and sweep it away.

Once the winter season subsides, you should have another roof inspection done to repair any winter damage that your roof might have sustained.  

If you are interested in having your roof winterized and want to have a professional roofing company give you the peace of mind you are looking for, call Ultimate Roofing today!

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