Roof Replacement in Albany Tips: Can Hail Affect Your Metal Roof?

Metal roofs are known for their durability and sturdiness. Their long lifespan and resistance to leaks, breaking and other shingle-related problems are also major features that make metal roofing an attractive option in the roofing market. Moreover, roofs made up of metal need a lot less maintenance and virtually no frequent repairing that can be pretty economical in the long run.

But just because these roofs are made up of metal, does not mean that they are completely damage-free. Metal can corrode and rust and the metal sheets can get damaged by heavy impact. One such damage inflicted is by hail.

Explaining Hail

Hail is a pretty uncommon weather condition and is mostly accompanied by heavy rainfall. It is a form of precipitation in which raindrops freeze into tiny ice crystals and then fall down like rain. These crystals, although mesmerizing, can actually be injurious to both you and your roof top. Metal roof can also be damaged by these ice crystals in a hail shower.

Hail Damage on Metal Roofs

The damage done by hail on your metal roof might not always be completely obvious or visible. You might have to wait until the sky clears to get a good picture of the damage that might have been done. Normally metal roofs don’t break after a heavy hailstorm.

However, hail damage can manifest in the form of indentation in the drainage pipes and chimney caps. The gutters are most commonly affected after a heavy hail shower. This could cause drainage problems and encourage roofing leaks.

If your gutters or sidings have been affected by the hail, there’s a good chance that the metal surface has had its share of insult as well. If this damage is overlooked, the metal sheets could start rusting sooner than you thought they would.

Hail damage to your roof might call for a proper roof inspection and roofing repairs by a professional roofing company like Ultimate Roofing. 

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