Loose Nails and a Sagging Roof: Huge Red Flags

When the weather takes a turn for the worse many things outside take damage. Your roof, being the ultimate shield of your house perhaps takes the most damage after a bad storm. But sometimes bad weather isn’t the only culprit behind roof damage. Sometimes, it’s just the old age of the roof that makes it unable to carry on the work it was trusted to do. Two major red flags of potentially dangerous roof damage are loose nails and sagging or sunken areas in the roof. They both need your attention as a homeowner and they both need to be corrected as soon as possible.

Loose Nails

Loose nails on the roof usually come about as a result of loose shingles but sometimes the shingles could be unharmed and the nails would come loose. Either way, the two are tightly related. When one suffers damage, the other does as well because of this interrelation. Most homeowners will take matters into their own hands when they notice loose nails on their roof. But this is not the best idea.

For starters, the holes that will be hammered into with the nails will still be loose and the job done won’t really be effective, only messy. Secondly pounding on your roof with a hammer without expertise might not be so great for the shingles underneath and you may cause damage in the process.

Sagging and Sunken Areas

If you’ve taken a good look of your rooftop and noticed certain sagging or sunken areas on it, that’s a huge problem. It’s the kind of problem that should immediately prompt you into contacting your local Albany roofing contractor and order for a replacement.

That’s right – a sagging roof normally will not be repaired; only replaced. These sunken areas might be a result of a rotting wood decking underneath the shingles. This decking is the first layer that holds your roof together. If the decking is faulty, it’s time you get a new roof.

Always call an expert company that you can trust for the job. Roof replacement is a costly and time-consuming process so you want to work with someone who has known expertise in this area.

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