Local Roofing Companies in Albany Tips: Roof Collapse Signs and Taking Action

A roof collapse is something you might have only seen on TV but it can happen to anyone, anytime. Without proper roof maintenance or timely roof replacement, your roof could bend and break. The ultimate consequence would be the roof collapse and crushing the structure beneath it. Roof collapse is a fatal catastrophe that no one ever wants to suffer from in their lifetime.

If you want to make sure your roof doesn’t collapse, you need to identify some important warning signs and take prompt action if such an incidence is anticipated.

Generally, flat roofs are more liable to damage and might bend under weight and excessive pressure. Snowcapped roof tops or roofs that have accumulated a lot of debris are also more likely to collapse. It is the excess weight on your roof and the inability of your roofing material to bear it that can lead to your roof collapsing.

Signs to watch out for

A roof collapse is a sudden event but it doesn’t happen without some warning signs. If you notice any of the following signs on your roof, it’s time you take prompt action.

·        Frequent, heavy leaks
·        Bent drainage pipes
·        Obvious sagging of the shingles and the ceiling of the highest floor of your house
·        Cracks in the ceiling and on the roof
·        Bent and deformed supports of the roof
·        Broken flashing

Taking Action

Once you have identified the red flags of your roof collapsing, you can’t afford to hold it off any longer. Before ringing your roofing contractor, you need to make sure your roof is out of harm’s way.

Clear the debris and remove the snow or ice that might have gathered on the top. Unclog gutters immediately and try to seal any apparent cracks with rubber or adhesive glue.

Once you’re sure that your roof is out of harm’s way, hire a professional roofing contractor in Albany to inspect your roof and get it repaired. There’s a good chance you might even have to get your roof replaced.

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