Is This Summer the Time to Replace My Roof?

Did the winter and spring take a toll on your home’s roof? If so, the summer could be a good time to investigate a full roof replacement, rather than just making some spot roof repairs. If you are unsure whether you need to get a full roof replacement, start by asking yourself some simple questions.

What is the State of the Shingles?

If you are lucky enough to have just a few damaged shingles then it makes sense to replace them. That’s the simple and most economical choice. If a lot of the shingles are damaged then you should consider replacing the roof entirely. Inspect your home, and look at the shingles or roof surface closely.

Warped or curled shingles are a warning sign that the roof is badly ventilated or that the shingles were not installed properly. This could cost you a lot of money in lost energy, and could be allowing water to infiltrate the roof.

If you have asphalt shingles, and the granules on them have come loose, then this is another bad sign. The granules on shingles are there to protect your home from weather damage and sun damage. They keep the roof in a good state. Some granule loss is natural, but bald patches and damage from storms and hail can lead to long term problems. If lots of granules are coming loose and you are finding them in the gutter or runoff, then that could be a sign that you need a roof replacement.

DIAGNOSING WEAR: If the granule wear appears in horizontal lines on the shingles, a few inches below the edge of the shingle that sits above it, then that could be a sign that the seal around the shingles has become broken. This means that there is more chance of water penetrating the singles and damaging the roof decking or promoting the growth of mold.

If many shingles have come loose, then it may make sense to replace the whole roof. It is possible, and even economical, to replace individual shingles but if the damage is extensive then replacing the whole thing makes sense.

If you have cracked or dried shingles, then you should replace them. It is not uncommon for the cycling of hot summers and cold winters to cause shingles to crack. When they become damaged like this, it can allow water to penetrate the shingles, and damage the roof deck.

Do a Roof Health Check

If your roof is leaking, then you need to figure out where the leak is. A leak around a chimney, vent or duct can usually be repaired without needing to do massive work on the rest of the roof. You just need to flash and re-seal the opening. If there are more extensive leaks, however, the roof deck could already be water damaged, and you may need to do more extensive repairs on the parts that were exposed to moisture.

A sagging roof can be a warning sign of bad structural support, and is another thing that needs examined more closely. Poor construction work can lead to a shortened life span for the roof, and even well-built houses will deteriorate over time. Call in the experts to determine the best course of action, because a sagging roof that is not handled properly could become a serious problem.

How old is the roof? There are many different roofing materials, and they all have different lifespans. You can expect rubber/EPDM roofing to last 10-16 years, while asphalt lasts 15 to 18 years, and architectural shingles can last 24 to 30 years. Concrete tile roofing and steel roofing may last for more than 30 years. If your roofing surface is coming to the end of its expected lifespan, then it may well be more cost-effective to replace it than to patch up any problems that have started to develop.

You can prolong the life of the roof by taking good care of it. Remove moss and algae regularly to prevent granule loss and water infiltration, and to ward off mold.

Examine Your Finances

If you need to sell your property soon then you may be wondering what the best thing to do with the roof is. You should consider the expected sale value of the property. In addition, think about your insurance. If your roof was damaged by bad weather, vandalism, or an accident then you may be able to claim on your insurance. You might get premium incentives if you upgrade to something very durable such as EMCO steel roofing.

Remember that modern roofing is very energy efficient, and could help to insulate your home, reducing the amount of energy that you use, and lowering your utility builds. Look around to see if there are local government incentives that could help to cover the cost of energy efficiency updates for your home.

If you are looking for a new roof then Ultimate Roofing would be happy to help you choose the best roofing materials. We offer steel roofing, flat roofing and asphalt shingles to suit a range of budgets, and provide professional installation too. Call us today to discuss your needs and to get a free estimate for work on your roof this summer.

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