How To Tell if Your Gutters Need to Be Replaced

The gutters of your home have a pretty extended life span but they still do come with an age limit on them. Just like everything else on your roof, these gutters are vulnerable to environmental insult. This means that there will come a time when you’ll have to think about an entire guttering replacement. A dysfunctional drainage system could spell trouble for the rest of the roof. Without a proper exit channel for rainwater, your roof could suffer from water damage and leaks overtime. Gutters play an important role in directing water away from your home so that they don’t get damaged.

But how do you know when it’s time to replace the gutters? Why not simply get the drains unclogged instead? We’ve got the answer for you in this article. Keep reading to know how to tell when you need a roof gutter replacement.

The Cracking Warning Sign

Cracks in the gutters are an extremely common phenomenon but one that are often left unattended. Although cracking, chipping or splitting may not look like a big deal but it can accumulate into a big problem in the long run. These cracks can coalesce to form large cracks which will further the damage to the gutters. Overtime, this will inevitably affect the quality of the fascia board and the shingles of your roof. If there are only a few cracks, you could still save the guttering system from irreparable damage. Sometimes simple flashing can help. But if the cracks are larger and more in number, you should consider replacing the entire gutter.

Gutters Breaking Away From the Roof

This is another common sign that is precipitated with age and a bad storm. The drain pipes sometimes break free from their fasteners and away from their point of attachment to the roof. This changes the slope of the draining water and could cause clogging. If there is a visible space between the pipes and the roof, your fascia board might be in danger. You might be tempted to fix this problem with a simple nail and hammer job but if the fascia is eroding, there’s no other solution other than a gutter replacement.

Peeling Paint

Water damage has some cardinal signs that anyone can pick up. Swollen and peeling paint is a sign everyone knows about. If the paint on the gutters starts peeling, this should prompt you into considering a replacement. You could also prevent more damage to the gutter if you act quickly. Regular maintenance and unclogging the drains can help prevent the vicious cycle of damage.

Greens Growing Around the Pipes

Another classic sign of leaks and water damage is moss or mildew growth. If  you notice greens growing around the gutter pipes or on the roof, it could be because of a fault drainage system. Sometimes simple cleaning will do the trick but if there is obvious fungus growth, the problem is much thicker than that. You will probably require a complete replacement of the gutters to correct it.

Wrong Pitch of the Gutters

The pitch of your gutters is important in maintaining the proper flow of water. Without a correct pitch, water will pool on the roof and damage it. If your gutter isn’t properly pitched, you should consider a gutter replacement.

If you notice water damage directly under the gutters, it’s a sign of damage that’s beyond your control. It’s important that you inspect your roof and the drainage system regularly to keep a close eye on how they hold up. Always perform an inspection when the sky is clear so watermarks and other signs of water damage are easy to see.

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