How to Maintain Your Tile Roof the Right Way

Here’s the thing about tile roofs – it requires a lot of regular maintenance and upkeep. Tile roofs may look pretty and last you a long time but they only fit those adjectives if and when you take care of the roof regularly. Generally materials like clay or concrete do not need a lot of maintenance and even asphalt shingles may be more durable than tiles. But if you’re set on getting a tile roof installed, there are some things you need to keep in mind to keep your roof in its proper shape and condition.

#1: Check the Surroundings for Danger

Tile is a porous material and can absorb moisture more than any other roofing material. Wild plantation or a habitat of flora and fauna growing on or nearby your roof could ruin your tiles and make them less durable. Debris from trees can cause cracks into the tile which could force you to get them replaced.

Trim and cut all nearby bushes and plantation that are growing towards your tile roof to prevent damage to your tiles.

#2: Check the Gutters

One common problem with literally every roofing material is clogged gutters. Improper drainage and ponding of rainwater on top of your roof can cause serious problems in the insulation and function of your roof. Water pooled on top can cause leaks and molds in the house to form.

Check and unclog the drainage pipes of your roof. Use a yardstick to remove any debris that might be blocking the pipers. You might find leaves and clutter from trees blocking the gutter mostly.

#3: Obvious Signs of Damage

If your house has recently seen a storm, you might want to look out for visible signs of damage to your rooftop. You might find broken tiles or cracked tiles that would need to repaired or replaced.

#4: Schedule Monthly Inspections

Even if you can inspect the roof yourself, it’s a good idea to schedule monthly roof inspections by a qualified roofing company. You may have missed out on an important damage that needs to be fixed. An inspection by an Albany roofing company who has the experience to help you maintain your tile roof to the fullest is the best decision.  

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