How to determine if you need a new roof or only a roof repair

We all age and so does the roof of our house. There’s a certain age limit to each and everything in the universe and while death is irreplaceable, roofs are. But sometimes, a simple roof inspection followed by repair can correct the damage of your roof. Other times, you might need to completely replace your roof.

So how can you tell when it is time to panic and when you need your roof replaced? There are some classic warning signs and red flags to look out for if you’re confused about getting a repair done or entirely substituting your old roof with a new one.

The Age of the Material

What your roof is made up of can determine how long it will last. Normally cedar and asphalt roofing has an age limit of 20-25 years after which they start deteriorating. Tiled roofs generally don’t have a fixed lifespan but when the individual tiles start cracking easily, that’s when you know the roof is old and needs to be replaced. Sometimes tiled roofs may take a long time to break and they can last for up to a hundred years. Concrete, on the other hand, is immortal and never needs replacing; only repairing.

When NOT to Panic

Some common roofing problems like blocked drainage by rainwater debris and plants only needs fixing. Leaks and improperly sealed flashing and vents also only need repairing. If your roof is covered with mold, it’s because your roof has a faulty drainage system but there’s no need to panic. Most of the times leaks are easily fixed and mold eliminated.

When to Panic

Any apparent issue with the shingles of your roof should raise red flags. Shingles curling upwards from the edges or curling from the middle mean they no longer can support harsh weather conditions and need to be replaced. If the shingles start breaking, cracking or if they start going missing because of a storm, you need to get ready to replace your roof. Shingles make the backbone of your roof; any problem with shingles should prompt you into action.

Finally, the last sign that your roof needs immediate replacement is the whole roof sagging.  This is popular in the outskirts of Albany.  This can be potentially harmful for you and your family and you need to buy a new roof as soon as you can. Hiring a roof inspector can help you make a sound decision on repairing versus replacing as well so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars to stay on the safe side.

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