How to Clean Your Roof

Your roof is probably the most ignored part of your house but it’s definitely the most exposed one as well. It’s true that you won’t have anyone climb on your roof and make sure it’s clean and spotless but for the sake of your own house hygiene and to avert a potential crisis, you should make sure your roof is regularly cleaned and washed.

Storms, snow and rain can bring dirt and dust with them to your roof. Birds and critters can leave their droppings all over the shingles as well.

Save a Date for Roof-Cleaning

Here’s the thing – cleaning your roof isn’t the same as cleaning other parts of your house. For starters, it’s an extensive and time consuming process because you’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Getting water and all of the required cleaning products up to your roof is also a tiring, challenging process.

That’s why it’s important that your clear your schedule and allot a particular day for cleaning your roof. It could be on a Sunday morning when you’re free at home. Try to fit at least two days of roof cleaning chores a month in your schedule. Also while you’re at it, make sure the weather that day is favorable for you to clean your roof.

Choose Roof-Friendly Chemical Products

Shingles on your roof don’t have a particularly long lifespan and if you happen to choose strong household detergents and chemicals to clean them, you might just be decreasing their mortality.

Household chlorine bleach can seriously damage your shingles, flashings and gutters. These bleaches are strongly acidic and have corrosive properties that can be damaging to your sensitive shingles. Moreover, bleach works to remove superficial stains so while it may help to clean your roof apparently, it’s not doing much of a job cleaning your shingles beneath.

Experts recommend that chemical products that contain sodium hydroxide as the main active ingredient are much more useful to clean shingles and keep the mold at bay.

Hire a Professional Roofer

If your roof is too dirty to be cleaned yourself then save your time and energy by calling a professional roofer to get the job done. Professional roofing contractors are experienced at all things roofing and can help you out with your roofing problems quickly and efficiently.

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