How to choose the right shingle color for your new roof

When you’re getting a new house or if you’re replacing your roof after it has been damaged, you want to make sure the shingles you choose for your roof are aesthetic and complement your house in general. The roof of your house makes a first impression to any outsider and you want to make sure you make a solid first impression. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen cabinetry is marble and A-one if the shingles of your roof are mismatched in color and look tacky.

Deciding what color of the shingle you want for your new roof is important to make a good first impression.   There are many different selections that we see with our many other clients in Albany.  Not sure how you can do that? Here are some helpful tips.

Color Coordination with Your House

Your roof isn’t a separate entity; it’s a part of your house. The color of the materials you’ve built your house with should be a good indication of the color of shingles you should get for your new roof. If your house is built in grey shades, you should go for a black or dark gray rooftop. Alternatively if the overall look of your house is built in white stone, then adding a dark roof to give your house a more traditional feel is also a good option to consider.

How’s the Weather Up There?

Science plays an important part in deciding what color of shingles you should get on your rooftop. It’s a basic scientific fact that black absorbs heat and white reflects it. So if you live in an area that has a hot climate, you should steer clear from dark shingles. On the other hand, if the temperature is usually in the minus range where you live, dark colored shingles should become a necessity to absorb as much warmth and heat from the sun as possible.

Are You Trend-Conscious?

Nothing stays in fashion for a long time. The color or type of shingles you’re getting right now might be trendy this year but could be totally out of fashion next year. If you’re worried about staying in fashion, consider safer colors that are guaranteed to stay trending for a long time. Bold pastel colors are the thing right now but neutral shades will forever remain classy and sophisticated.

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