Getting Rid of the Greens From Your Roof

Greenery belongs to your garden or your backyard; when it starts growing on your roof, it can be a problem. Your roof is constantly exposed to ideal conditions that promote plant, algae and fungus growth. The air, humidity and the occasional rain all provide a breeding ground for green growth.

The problem is this green growth on your roof not only poses a health risk for you and your family, it can also damage the structure of your roof in the long run. Shingles can lose their resilience, cracks and holes can form and mold can grow and find its way into the walls and ceiling of your house.

Do it Yourself!

The first step to getting rid of the greens from your roof is to evaluate how much work you actually require. If you’ve been staying on top of the maintenance and repair of your roof, you may still have time to nip the problem in the bud. Early algae and fungus growth can be removed without the help of professionals by herbicide.

Herbicide products that contain zinc can be damaging to your roof especially if your pipes are made up of copper. These sprays are easily available in any hardware store and can get rid of a variety of algae, fungus and lichen.

Defeat the Greens Around

Look for any signs nearby that could promote future green growth on your roof. Trees or shrubs nearby need to be trimmed or completely eliminated to protect your roof from green growth.

Choose Your Shingles Wisely

If you’re thinking of installing a new roof and want to prevent the trouble of getting rid of green growth in the first place, you should choose algae-resistant shingles instead of the average shingle. Alternatively you could opt for metal roofing.

Call a Professional for Help

If the growth has come to the point that mold has started to grow inside the vicinity of your house, your last and best option is to call a professional team of mold inspectors. It will cost you an extra hundred dollars but these experts will get rid of green growth from your roof once and for all.

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