Expert Roof Inspection: Scheduling Tips

Scheduling roof inspections every now and then is an important part of a proper home maintenance strategy. An expert roof inspection should be conducted at least twice a year, not just once. In addition to shedding light on when to schedule them, we will also look at why you need regular roofing inspections.    

Roof Inspection, What Is It All About?

From assessing the roof membrane for deterioration and damage, any breaches in the roof structure including pipes and curbs to roof leaks; roofing professionals usually evaluate the entire roof system during these scheduled inspections. The roofing expert will then offer suggestions on how to improve the durability and safety of your roof after the inspection has been finalized. From the installation of a mobile rail guard along the edge of the roof or skylights to safeguard anyone accessing any roof mounted air conditioning units, to walkway pads along high traffic areas on the roof, a variety of improvements can be made on your roof.    

Reasons to conduct roof inspections every now and then

Regular roof inspections should be seen as a preventative measure that can help home owners make huge annual savings. Any damage or issues that may result in costly roof repairs if left undetected for an extended period can be identified during a comprehensive roof inspection. Pipe and curb breaches, accumulated debris, incorrectly fitted roof flashing – at least according to the directions provided by the manufacturer – and stains in the ceiling tiles are some of the water infiltration issues that can be identified through a roof inspection. To stop the progress of any roof damage, a thorough assessment of the roof system can ensure that any weakening of the roof membrane is caught and fixed as early as possible. 

Thorough inspections conducted by a qualified roofing expert more than twice a year may be necessary to maintain the validity of some roof warranties. It is important to note that the validity of the manufacturer’s warranty may be jeopardized by incorrectly mounted roof flashing and breaches. Furthermore, you may encounter roofing emergencies or face serious roof damage as a result of leaks.   

Scheduling Roof Inspections 

Spring, when trees shed their seeds, is the best time to schedule the first roof inspection of the year; while the end of fall, after the trees have shed their leaves is a great time to schedule the second inspection. Your roof can be cleared of any debris without you incurring any extra costs, in both cases.

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