Effects of Solar Panels on Your Roof Shingles

There’s no doubt that using the light energy from the sun in solar photovoltaic panels is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. These solar panels are, however, installed on top of your roof and over the shingles. When prospective buyers consider shifting to solar energy, they often think about the effect the panels will have on their roof life and the quality of the shingles.

Expensive Repairs and Replacements

Solar panels manufacturers usually install the cells only on a new roof or a roof that has been recently replaced. If your roof is old and wearing out, installing solar panels might ruin the shingles and decrease the life of your roof even more.

Generally, repairing solar panel roofs is costly and requires a lot of time and energy which is why it is recommended to have these photovoltaic cells installed on new roofs only.

Maintaining your roof can become harder and more expensive with solar panels as well. Because of the difficulty in removal and repair of roofs that have solar panels installed in them, many solar manufacturers offer their own repairing services.

Even if you get solar panels installed on your new roof or a newly replaced roof, there will come a time when the roof won’t be able to hold together longer (around eight to ten years). In this case, the entire roof and solar panels may need to be stripped and replaced. Unlike normal roof replacements, the cost of replacing a solar panel roof will be very high.

Effect on the Function of the Roof

Shingles help to protect the roof from harsh weather conditions and solar panels could compromise this function. Waterproofing and thermal proofing of the shingles on your roof could be affected and there could be more chances of leaks and fire damage.  We recommend leaving this kinds of work to a professional roofing contractor.

Installing solar panels in your house is a good option in the long run because it brings down your utility bills but the process of installing and the effects solar PV have on roofs should be kept in mind as well.

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