Does your Roofing Company in Albany have storm damage expertise?

How to Know if your Albany Roofer has significant storm damage expertise?

Times of roof turmoil in bad weathers and hurricanes surprisingly sprout hundreds of roofing companies and roofers that have never been heard of before. When a storm comes and damages your roof, it’s likely to have called for an emergency repair. And when there’s a crisis, homeowners don’t usually think twice before hiring the nearest and most convenient roofer for the job.

But is this a wise idea? To hire just anyone for storm roof damage repair? Chances are an unskilled roofer will makes things worse for your roof than better. That’s why it’s imperative that you hire a roofer with credentials and expertise despite the urgency of the situation.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before hiring a roofer for storm damage repairs

Are They Always Prepared for an Emergency?

Not every Albany roofing contractor does emergency repair. In fact, emergency roof repairs are an entirely distinct set of skills. Even if a company is experienced in roof replacement and other roofing jobs, it isn’t necessary they have the skills for emergency repairs.

A roofer that does have this skill will mention it on their portfolio or website. Their experience in the past will be proof that they know how emergency roofing is done.

Do They Have the Right Equipment?

Again, tools needed for emergency repairs are different from those required in long-term jobs. That’s because these storm damage repairs are usually temporary corrections that ideally need a proper repair later when the bad weather has subsided. Make sure you ask the roofer about the tools they intend to use and if they are meant to be for emergency storm damage repairs.

Do They Know the Common Emergency Roof Problems?

If your roofer is skilled in the art of emergency storm repair damage, they should know the primary area of damage: injury to the shingles by the wind and trees, leaks, cracks in the flashing, wind uplift and missing shingles.

Lastly, it’s important to ask for your roofer’s credentials in the past with similar work because even in times of crisis you want to make sure the repairs you’re paying for are effective and not just quick.

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