Common Causes for Deteriorating Roof Shingles


Even the highest quality asphalt roofing will eventually become damaged and need to be replaced. Extreme temperature changes will cause roofing shingles to expand and contract frequently during any calendar year. This kind of climate eventually results in damage and a roof that is not performing as intended.

Whether you have noticed any problems with your roof or not, you should either inspect your roof yourself every year or call a professional to check it out. An annual check will help to determine whether there are potential problems that could eventually become serious damage. Leaving your roofing unchecked can leave your family at risk, since your roof provides shelter and protection. The financial risk of not checking your roof is also immense.

There are some issues that should be a reason for concern:

1) Missing shingles or tiles after a serious storm
2) Any shingles that are not lying flat
3) Shingles that are beginning to curl
4) Shingles that are showing granular wear (asphalt shingles are covered with small stones)
5) Damage or holes in the flashing round your chimney or bump-out windows

Depending on the quality of your shingles, they are expected to last from 15 to 25 years. If it is getting close to the expected lifespan of your shingles, call a couple roofing companies for an estimate on replacing your roof.

Ultimate Roofing will be able to advise you about replacing your roof with a variety of roofing materials including slate, cedar shakes, asphalt or composite shingles. Whether your roof simply needs repair or replacement, we are able to provide the best quality work at a fair price.

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