Avoiding the Most Common Roofing Scam: Going with the Low Bid

When you’re out on a hunt for roofing professionals that can fix your roof or install a new one, you naturally gravitate towards the more economical bids. Roofing jobs don’t come cheap so when a company offers you an unbelievably low bid on the job, you sign the deal with them. But is it the right way to go about?

A bid that is exceptionally low from the price quoted by other roofing contractor is likely to be a scam. You’ll start off content with your decision and believe you’ve save a lot of money on an expensive roofing job but you might soon realize that the final cost of the repair is much higher than the one proposed initially. It may even possibly be higher than the bids other companies gave you that you ignored as being too pricey compared to this low bid one.

This low bid scam is a very common one and many credulous homeowners fall prey to it. The scamming company will charge you a lot more during the process of repair. They may say that the price of the roofing materials has elevated or that they have discovered new problems with your roof that will require extra payment to fix.

In the end, you’ll find yourself paying more than the first bid. And if you refuse to pay, the roofer might leave your job midway which can be equally problematic.

How Can You Save Yourself From Getting Scammed?

Vigilance is the most important thing you need to protect yourself from this scam. If a company offers you an unbelievably low bid on your roofing job, it’s your task to do adequate research on the company at hand.

You should inquire from the company about how they plan to address unforeseen roof issues. You should also make sure that the cost of labor, materials and damaged decking are all included in the initial contract so you don’t have to make any ‘extra’ payments during the repairing process.

It’s also important to check out the credentials and testimonials for the company as well as to make sure the company is licensed and registered. One good tip to save yourself from fraud is to avoid giving a large sum of deposit before the work begins.      Be sure to do your homework and find a reputable roofing contractor.

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