All About Albany New York…

Albany New York is the capital of New York State. It is located approximately 150 miles north of New York City, approximately three hours west of Boston, two hours east of Syracuse and 3 1/2 hours south of Montreal.

It is an older city that is definitely seeing a rebound in the last decade. At one time, there once was a lot of industry and commercialization that took place in the Albany area. With the emergence of technology and heavy investment at the University of Albany, advanced silicon chip technology made its way into the Albany area.   With this advanced technology bright higher-paying jobs and has drawn in many technology companies that have helped to increase the value and the appeal of Albany.

This time of year, there are still many things you can do with your friends and family despite the cold weather. There are plenty of great restaurants, please at The Egg  and museums to experience the rich culture and history of New York State.

If you love the outdoors, as the snowfalls, you will have the opportunity to experience skiing both to the east and to the north of Albany.    There are many parks scattered throughout Albany that will allow you to cross country ski or snowshoe depending on your interests.

This time of year you can experience the lights in Washington Park and show off an amazing display of Christmas lights and holiday spirit.   There are numerous shows that are themed to the Christmas spirit you can experience at the many theaters that exist in downtown Albany.

If you love great food, you will want to visit Yono‘s Restaurant which is located in the heart of downtown Albany. The family I have known for over a decade and they make the most amazing food and have a passion for culinary accomplishments.   If you were interested in great craft beers, you can visit the Albany Pump Station also located downtown Albany.

If you have a family, there will be no shortage of a great childcare programs available to watch your children while you and your spouse or at work.    As Albany has grown, so has the level of traffic in and around the city.    In fact, a recent report showed that travel times have significantly increased over the last 10 years.    Still, traffic is nowhere near what it is in New York City or in Atlanta.

Most people tend to live to the east of Albany in East Greenbush or north in Clifton Park or south in the Delmar or Guilderland areas.  For this reason, house prices have been insulated over the years and have scene consistent increases in value.   If you talk to a local real estate agent, they will tell you that inventory levels for homes is very low and that luxury apartment market is booming right now.

If you are a history buff, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about the rich history of the state and our country. The USS Slater is a World War II destroyer escort that is floating on Hudson river.   I was once a tour guide on the ship and was privilege to meet many World War II veterans who told amazing stories about their experiences either on the Slater itself or on ships similar to it.   This time of year, the ship is transferred over to the Rensselaer side of the Hudson river for winter parking.

You can visit the New York State Museum which has an amazing array of displays that talk about the Indian cultures that existed in the Albany area as well as modern developments that influenced how Albany grew.

Consistent with the investment in technology has been growth with Colonie Center, which is located on Wolf Road to the west of downtown Albany.   A flood of high-end restaurants and stores have become signature residence and have definitely increased the options available when shopping.

If you were planning to travel to and from Albany, you will be pleased to know that the Albany International Airport is but minutes away.   You can get flights by way of Southwest Airlines or JetBlue.

Another great outdoor shopping location is Stuyvesant Plaza which is located at the bottom of the Northway on Western Avenue.   Here you will find eccentric restaurants and great little shopping experiences especially with Christmas upon us.

If you have a family, you will be proud to know that the school systems in Albany are improving especially in the suburbs. There is a strong emphasis on education and the schools are doing an outstanding job making the necessary improvements to remain competitive and provide children with a rich learning experience.

We have had the privilege of living in Albany since 1997 and have seen tremendous growth and change, all for the better.   We have experienced many heavy snow falls and frigid weather but Albany is largely insulated from the lake affect snow that comes off of Lake Ontario to the west and from the mountains to the north and south.  Often, the snowfall is moderate in nature and rarely has a negative impact on travel. That being said, it is not surprising to see two or three heavy storms per year.

If you are looking for a job in the area, you were pleased to know that the market is strong and there are opportunities everywhere. Whether you are a white color or blue-collar individual, there are great recruiting firms available to help you in your search.  There are many good companies that are hiring, even this time of year.   Learn more about a great roofing company in Albany here.

If considering a relocation to the Albany area, we highly recommend you doing your due diligence and experience it firsthand. Many people don’t realize that there is life north of New York City and Albany is a growing place that is home to great athletic programs and strong families.

Albany is a great city experiencing tremendous positive growth and is safer than it’s been in decades. There is much to see and do and experience and we highly recommend giving Albany a fair shot.   If you have any questions, contact the local travel bureau for more information.

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