Albany Roofing Companies Tips: Taking Care of Your Chimney the Right Way

Your chimney is an undeniably important part of the roof that makes an important connection between the interior and exterior of your house. Taking care of the chimney is not always easy and most homeowners tend to completely ignore it until a major problem such as poor ventilation or a pest infestation occurs.

If you want to take care of chimney the right way, here are some important tips you should follow:

Purchase Roof-Cleaning Products

Believe it or not, you can actually clean your vertical, impossible-to-reach chimney. You might not be able to clean it all the way through but there are some great products out there that make your chimney more functional and cleaner.

One such product is the crown coating that helps to waterproof your chimney structure. The crown coating will help to keep the moisture and water away from the chimney. Another chimney cleaning product is the rain cap that can be used to keep rainwater away from the chimney so the ventilation is not affected. Rain caps are often used for metal chimneys.

Another interesting product for the chimney is the aerolator. The aerolator doesn’t really maintain or clean the chimney but it helps to make the chimney a lot more functional. Instead of lighting the fireplace manually, the aerolator helps to ignite your fireplace using the air from your surroundings. This can save you a lot of money and produce less heat energy and pollution.

Extermination of a Pest Infestation

If you suspect that your chimney might be home to birds, cats or pests then you need to call a professional wildlife agency or an exterminator for your problem. Birds and cats are protected by the agency while insects and other unwanted critters are professionally exterminated.

Pest infestation in your chimney can be unhygienic and can cause a full blown infestation inside your house as well.

Call a Roofing Contractor

Consult and hire an Albany roofing company like Ultimate Roofing to inspect and help clean your chimney. Roofing contractors are experts at dealing with chimney problems so asking for their professional help is the best option to maintain the health of your chimney.

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