Albany Roofers Tips: Things to Consider Before Installing a Slate Roof

When it comes to appearances, slate roofs take home the trophy easily. While asphalt might be the most common roofing material because of its cost and variety, slate tiles have a more unique side to them.

Homeowners looking to get a new roof installed often come across the option of slate roofing. If you’re stuck on the same crossroads, there are few basic considerations that you need to remember before choosing slate tiles as your new roofing material.

Advantages of a Slate Roof

First and foremost, slate roofs make excellent roofs in terms of appearance. They are more modern-looking and lean to a more contemporary side than the average asphalt shingles. Slate tiles also come in a decent variety of colors and sizes that broaden the range of its customization.

Slate roofs also have a much longer life expectancy than asphalt roofing. Where asphalt can last only around two decades maximum, slate tiles can last for centuries. In fact, with slate roofing, you might never have to replace your roof again given that it is properly maintained.
These roofs are also environmentally friendly and since they do not need to be replaced often, their waste is a lot less than asphalt.

Slate tiles are also sturdier and durable than most roofing materials. They also have excellent fire resistant properties that make the roof fireproof.

Disadvantages of a Slate Roof

Not everything about slate roofing is great though. The cost of the roof, for example, puts off most homeowners. Slate tiles are one of the most expensive roofing materials out there and if you’re not ready to spend extra thousands of dollars on your roof when you can get it done cheaper with asphalt, slate roofing might not be your cup of tea.

The total price of slate roofs also goes higher because of its heavy size and difficult installation. The installation cost of slate roofing is much higher for slate roofs than for asphalt.

Finally, it’s quite possible that your house structure might not be able to bear the heavy size of the slate tiles. It’s best to ask a professional roofing contractor for advice before choosing slate tiles as your new roofing material.

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