Albany Roofers Near Me: The Benefits of a Living Roof

The term living roof is sometimes used synonymously with a ‘green roof’. This kind of roof, as the name implies, is a platform for vegetation and plants to grow and nourish. The rooftop makes an ideal place for plants to grow because of the optimum environmental conditions and a direct access to sunlight.

Many homeowners argue whether a living roof would actually bring them any benefit. Managing and installing a green roof requires energy and resources and a lot of constant maintenance. So if you can’t put in the hours for maintaining your garden on the roof, a living roof might actually be more of a disadvantage for you.

Why Choose a Living Roof?

If you do have the time and resources to have a living roof installed, then it’s a great way to increase the beauty of your house in the most unique of ways. A living roof also brings countless health benefits like circulating cleaner air and providing actual herbs and vegetation for you naturally.

The initial cost of a living roof might be high but it is a more economical option in the long run. Plants absorb heat energy and can help to provide a natural insulation for your house. This could conserve a great percentage of energy for you and you could see a marked drop in your utility bills.

Green roofs are also help the environment since they are made up of recycling products and nothing commercial has to end up in landfills after a repair or renovation project.

The plants also soak in any rainwater and prevent water damage or leaks. Living roofs are also fire-resistant and can protect your house from fire damage or an electrical discharge.

All of these amazing benefits increase the value of green roofs which is why they are trending majorly in the roofing industry.

Consult with your Albany roofing contractor in the Spring about the design and vegetation you plan to grow on your living garden. There are endless options for how living roofs can be installed and made so take your time, plan it out and don’t forget to ask an expert for advice!

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