Types of Roofing Warranties and their Importance

Roof is an essential aspect of your home’s structural integrity and if it isn’t protected by a warranty, you better prepare for bearing the heavy cost of replacing it. This is so, as replacing your defective roof wouldn’t be a cheap affair. The cost may easily settle for five-figures when taking into consideration the pitch, the size, and the preferred materials.

Moreover, you can’t simply rely on the homeowner’s insurance to cover the costs of roof replacement. On the contrary, this type of insurance is mainly effective in case of heavy snow, windstorm, lightning and other acts of nature. Meaning thereby, you need an appropriate roof warranty when it comes to replacing a damaged roof.

What type of Roof Materials are Covered with a Warranty?

In fact, getting a superior warranty for your roof isn’t the only thing that you must be concerned about, as most of the roof materials do offer a warranty. Nevertheless, you must look for a warranty that is effective for many years. Hence, just a five years warranty won’t be sufficient to ensure ideal protection for the roof.

The average lifespan of a roof is 20 years, and during this period, it has to withstand the worst weather conditions. Therefore, you should look for a roof warranty that should last at least 30 to 40 years. Besides, the years of coverage, knowing what aspects are covered by a warranty is equally important. To know what type of coverage a perfect roof warranty may provide, just take a look at some of these options.

Extensive Coverage

When it comes to buying shingles, you may come across different types of warranties. For instance, most of the 3-Tab shingles come with a 25-year warranty; whereas, you are usually offered with a 50-year warranty when buying dimensional shingles. By having a long coverage, you can ensure best protection for your roof.

Coverage against Material Defects

Your roof should be strong enough to endure the harsh outdoor elements. In case your roof starts to show wear and tear after few years of installation, this could minimize the comfort level and energy efficiency of your home. Therefore, a great manufacturer warranty is what you need to cope with these issues and effectively cover the material defects.

Insurance against Poor Workmanship

As a matter of fact, your roof requires minor repairs once in a while. This may involve replacing the damaged shingles or repairing the popped up flashing. However, these are simple to handle repairs, which cause less trouble. On the contrary, if your roof needs some major repairs, chances are there that things may go wrong. This may happen when less skilled professionals did the installation job. If this is the case, concerns regarding the structural integrity of the roof are always there. This is the area where appropriate warranties kick in and provide required protection against the poor workmanship.

Warranty by Roofing Company is Insufficient

Although roofing contractors offer warranties against poor workmanship, just settling for this type of warranty isn’t a wise decision. Such warranty is directly linked with the existence of a company offering it. This suggests that you can’t claim such a warranty if the company goes down. So make sure to get a roofing warranty that also covers all types of installation issues.

Engage a Renowned Roofing Contractor

If roof replacement is what you are thinking of, don’t fall a prey to cheap and less experienced roofing contractors. Rather, you should focus on engaging a well-renowned roofing contractor.

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