Pros And Cons Of Skylights: Are They Really Worth The Cost?

If you are considering installing a skylight, then you need to ensure that you make an informed decision. You definitely don’t want to be surprised by any of the ongoing costs that are associated with skylights. The following are some of the major pros and cons of skylights, to help you make a decision.


Light into Dark Places

One of the top advantages of skylights is that they allow light into interior areas that don’t get light otherwise. For example, into a bathroom in the center of your home that doesn’t have any windows.

Fresh Air 

A room can be provided with fresh air by a venting skylight – such as a bathroom that does not get a lot of fresh air. This can help to naturally cool through the venting process during the summer or in areas that stay warm all year long. 

Indirect Solar Light

Indirect solar energy can be provided by skylights when they are installed in the right parts of your house.



Skylights are very expensive – to both install and maintain. They also affect your home’s energy bills. There is no way around it. Also, they will generate wear and tear on the roof over time since they are prone to leak. There are some insurance companies that consider this when you have a skylight. Therefore, it could increase your premiums. 

Possible Roof Leaks 

You can help to improve the problem of potential roof leaks by purchasing a high-quality skylight. You should avoid skylights that are glazed and plastic since they will discolor and wear out. Initially, they are less expensive, but over the long run you will end up paying. Make sure to mount your skylight over the surface of your roof. 

Also, make sure to install a curb (a watertight, raised lip to deflect away water). Also, you need the right lashing and joints should be sealed. Installed waterproofing sheets over the flashing or flanges underneath the finish material. Diverter strips or roof cricket tend to cause more problems than they actually solve, so add some extra pieces of water diversion instead.

Possible Interior Damage

You also need to concerned about potential damage to your carpet or furniture. Skylights are much more sophisticated these days compared to how they were in the past. Make sure to buy one that is tempered or laminated glass with a tinted or a low-e coating in order to control the heat and UV rays.

Possible Roof Damage 

Your roof can be potentially damaged structurally by a large skylight. Find out whether you have a truss roof or not. Modifying a truss roof is not a good idea. However, most types of skylights can be handled by standard roof framing without any problems.

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