How you can Enhance the Lifespan of your Home’s Roof

There is literally no way to know the condition of your roof by just standing in front of your home. This is because unlike other parts of your home, the roof isn’t viewable until you go up there and look for any signs of damage.

Moreover, replacing a roof is one of the most expensive and time-consuming repairs that your home may need. Hence, it is more important to maintain your roof in a good shape by identifying the minor issues and fixing them timely.

By doing so, you actually extend the life and performing abilities of a roof. In order to maintain your roof the right way, just consider these handy tips arranged for you.

Routine Inspections

There is no need to be there on the roof every day, as what it requires is just some routine inspections after a couple of months. On the contrary, you shouldn’t be lazy enough to wait for something to happen. The roof is an integral part of a home, as it protects you and the interior from severe outdoor conditions.

To get a better idea of the roof’s condition, you need to walk over it and find minor cracks or missing shingles or tiles. The best possible time to run an inspection is before the winter season and after it. Winter season means loads of snow piling up on the roof and afterward plenty of moisture to seep into the interior. To avoid happening this to your roof, it would be better to call a roofing contractor for a more detailed and authentic inspection.

Remove Debris out of the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is a simple task in the sense that you don’t need to climb over the roof. Just grab a ladder and easily reach the gutter. You can remove the debris with a small scraper and after that wash it thoroughly with a garden hose. The most appropriate time to clean the gutters is at the end of fall, as this is the time when your gutters are filled with leaves.

Don’t Forget to Trim the Trees

Although trees enhance the curb appeal for your home and serve the purpose of a natural landscape, they also prove to be detrimental for the roof. This doesn’t mean that you need to cut all the trees around your home; rather, you should consider trimming the overhanging branches. It is essential, as in case of a windstorm, these branches can break apart and damage the roof or gutters by falling over them.  

Clean it Properly

By cleaning a roof regularly, you can keep it in a good shape for years to come. When you remove the leaves and debris from a roof, you can prolong its life without any major repairs. When you climb over the roof for cleaning, you can also inspect it for minor damages. For instance, you can look for any signs of rust or aging on the flashing. Moreover, you can look for any missing shingles, tiles or damaged parts of gutters. This would save you a lot of money by minimizing the repair costs.

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