How To Repair Damaged Shingles

When a roof has damaged shingles, that doesn’t always mean that the whole roof needs to be replaced. Quite often, a problem with multiple shingles or a single shingle can be cleared up by assistance from a professional roofer performing the appropriate repairs. Those repairs involve some mild damage to the shingles where your roof still has a sound overall quality.

How to replace a single shingle

If you see that you have only one shingle that is damaged, missing, or cracked while the adjacent shingles are still in good shape, then you probably just have to replace the broken one with a new shingle. You might have some shingles lying around in garage or attic from the prior roofing project.

To switch out one shingle, you just need to put a pry bar under the broken shingle. Then push on the bar in order to pull the shingle out of the nail. Slide a fresh piece in and ensure that it fits and perfectly aligns with the rest of your roof. Nail the shingle down in two rows using 4 galvanized nails on both sides.   

How to repair curled corners

Over time, shingles have a tendency to curl from a corner and that can reduce the overall efficacy of it. To repair the curled shingle corner, begin by applying roofing sealant using a caulking gun under the curled corner. The use something like a brick to push the curl down and leave it for around 24 hours.

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