Fixing Water Damage Resulting From A Roof Leak

Roof leaks are a subtle reminder of the damage they inflict on the underlying structure .It might not be so easy for you to pick up on the first indications of damage. Everything that lies beneath the ceiling can sustain severe water damage if you ignore a leak in your roof over an extended period. Your furniture, floor, walls and most importantly health, included.

Finding The Roof Leak

Even though finding a leak in your faucet seems more or less straightforward, finding one in your roof is everything but. You just can’t ignore a leaky roof, making it much more important than finding a leak in one of your faucets.

Finding the exact location of a leak can be quite challenging considering the fact that most of today’s roofs are slanted. The most restricted space, at the corner of your attic might be where the leak is. Or hidden close to the ceiling fan, you might find a tiny leak.  

The work of successfully finding a roof leak is better suited to a professional roofing company. To check your roof, these professional service providers use high-tech tools. To carefully check for and find roof leaks, a large number of modern service providers now use drones.

Uncovering The Cause Of The Leak

Although not the only one, rain water trickling through a compromised roof is definitely one of the most common reasons behind roof leaks. Roof leaks can also be caused by a combination of many reasons. For instance your roof might have cracks, holes and missing shingles if it is old and recently suffered damage associated with strong winds. Leaks into the underlying structure might be as a result of water trickling down any of these openings.  

Blocked drain pipes are also considered to be a major cause of roof leaks. The blockage can cause roof leaks as a result of the accumulation of water around the roof.

Roof Leak Water Damage Repair

Drying the affected area plays an important role in repairing the existing water damage. To keep the affected area dry, it’s recommended that you invest in a number of fans. Furthermore, identify individual items that have sustained water damage, such as furniture, and dry them thoroughly by vacuuming or air drying them.  

Most the repair and maintenance work should be focused on any affected walls because they tend to be the most vulnerable to water damage. Before applying mold resistant paint over the walls, make sure that they have had enough time to dry after the roof leak has been fixed by a pro. This will help create a healthy environment within the structure by preventing mold growth.

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