Eavestrough Cleaning

The rainy seasons has arrived and what this means is water issues in your home. One low cost and smart way of protecting your home is through eaves trough cleaning. There are some people don’t see this as something they can do because they see it as being a nuisance instead of a necessity. Ignoring such an issue can lead to more serious damage. The main purpose of eaves troughs is directing the water from the roof away from your house. If the eaves troughs have been damaged, they can lead to leaking of water down the walls and pool by the foundation of the house. This can lead to flooding of the basement, mildew and mold and staining of the walls in your home. If not fixed, they can lead to soffit and fascia rot, and can even end up wiping the landscaping.

Years of eaves being neglected leads to the trough starting to pull away from the house or rust appearing, and this can cause damage to the roofing – which ends up costing you a lot of money to repair. For homes that are made with brick, the water and debris overflowing gutters can lead to the breakdown of the mortar and effervescence starts building up on the inside of the brick wall. This can then cause mold and mildew and rotting in the inner side of the walls. When this happens, you will be forced to get a professional to do mortar repair and sealing and also wall replacement on the inner side. This will end up being a very expensive repair to pay for when you could have easily avoided the problem by cleaning your eaves trough just twice a year to prevent decaying and damage.

The process of cleaning the eaves (or gutters) can be time-consuming, messy, and a little risky. It is not a good idea to do it on your own – especially if the home is more than one story or if you are elderly. Falling will be painful and you can end up spending a lot in hospital bills. When your eaves need cleaning, consider calling a professional who will be able to do it. You will end up saving yourself money and time in the long run. Professionals have been doing it for many years and know the right way to do things. They also have equipment used in cleaning eaves that are on a storied building. They will also be able to notice any problems with your roofing, so you can have it fixed before it becomes a serious problem.

Instead of your home getting damaged, prevent it by having your eaves cleaned.

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