Best Contemporary Roofing Systems To Give Your House A Facelift

Most contemporary architectural styles take into account the need of homeowners for dependable, economical, yet visually appealing roofing systems. Oftentimes roofing experts will recommend such modern systems to their clients, due to their reliability, functionality and durability. This article takes a closer look at the top four contemporary Albany roofing styles.

Concrete Or Clay Roofs?

Generally speaking, tile roofs are expensive, particularly if you prefer clay to concrete tiles. Nevertheless, this type of roofing system comes with some great benefits such as better looks, higher energy efficiency, longevity, durability, and fire safety. In addition, these roofing systems require very little maintenance.

Clay tiles are manufactured by molding and baking clay. Their structure depends on the baking temperature and on the duration of this treatment. Clay tiles can have a wide range of colors such as white, yellow, brown, orange. Terra-Cotta is perhaps the most popular color.

Concrete tiles are usually made from a mix of cement, sand and water. They are molded into shape under pressure and in high temperature conditions. They can replicate various other materials such as clay, stone, slate, and wood.

Slate Roofs

Most homeowners ignore the benefits a slate roof could offer them. Water-resistant and extremely durable, slate can curb the appeal of a property, thanks to its natural color variation across larger surface areas. Slate is made from natural stone, hence being one of the eco-friendly roofing systems known today. The tiles can always be reused, should you decide to build another house at some point in time. Albany reroofing contractors can provide you with a few useful tips and advice.


Metal is one of the most sustainable building materials available. Metal roofs can be made from recycled materials. Furthermore, they can be recycled and reused. You can have a metal roofing installed directly on top of an existing roof. Good looking and versatile, metal roofs are very durable and require very little maintenance. The most used metals are tin, zinc, copper, and aluminum.

Fiber Cement Roofing Systems

Once a very popular siding material, fiber cement has become one of the top roofing options. This material is a mix of cellulose fibers, sand and cement. It has become very popular in Albany. It also offers solid protection against bad weather. Ultimate Roofing can provide this and more for your next roofing project. Call us for more information. 

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