Albany Roofing Companies Myths: Common Residential Roofing Myths Busted!

Misconceptions about roof and roofing services are plenty. We really don’t know why these myths exist but they do. Many homeowners are given inaccurate information about their roof which could lead to its damage in the long run. Keep your roof safe, secure and in good hands by learning the truth. In this post we have listed some of the most common roofing myths and how they really are just myths.

#1: Roofs are eternal

You might think that the structure that shields your entire house should be immortal but it really isn’t. After all, roofs are made up of raw materials that age like every other thing on the planet. Typical shingle roofs last for about two decades while metal roofing can last longer. Depending upon the type of roofing material, the quality and the installation, the age of your roof can vary but it’s never eternal!

#2: Roof Replacement and Repairs can be done DIY

No – not really! Roofing projects require labor, expertise and professional equipment. Unless you’re a roofer by profession, we suggest you keep DIY out of the picture. An attempt to repair or completely replace your roof could lead to terrible consequences that you want to avoid at all costs. Sure, small repairs like temporary leak repairs and minor flashing damage corrections can be done by yourself if you know how it works but leave the big projects to the experts!

#3: Roof Services take a lot of time

With the right roofing company in the Albany area and the weather on your side, roofing projects can take in under a week’s time. In fact, some companies might be efficient enough to complete the project within 2-3 days!

#4: Repair over Replace

A lot of homeowners believe repairing their aged, damaged roof will keep it in one piece forever but sometimes there is no other way out than to replace the roof completely. Talk to your roofing contractor for the best option for your roof.

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