7 Warning Signs Of A Leaking Roof


There are indeed many reasons you may have a leaking roof. Some of the reasons are obvious, whereas others are a bit difficult to spot. In this short article, we have put together a list of common signs of a leaking roof. 

1. Dripping Water

This is one of the most noticeable signs of a leaking roof. When you get this sign, it is not wise to assume the source or cause of the problem; neither should you try to deal with the problem yourself. All types of roof leaks are worth calling a professional for assistance.

2. Wall And Ceiling Stains

Water spot stains under the roof is another sign of water leak. The spot looks like a large paddle of water and often in brown or black color. In most cases, these spots can be found close to a vent and chimney. There are times when water travels using rafters and causing the stain to occur far from the source of the leak. As such, the moment you begin to see discoloration either on the ceiling or wall, it is wise to seek the services of a professional.

3. Dripping Sounds In The Attic

Sometimes a leaking roof sign comes in the form of a sound. You may hear a sound similar to water dripping.  When you hear such a sound, you should not ignore the problem, even if you cannot find the source of the problem. You should seek help from a professional roof contractor.

4. Rotting And Wet Roof

The moment you begin experiencing a wet and rotting roof, you are in trouble. This is because your problem is not only a leaking roof but structural damage. With this problem, it cannot wait; call a professional immediately to repair and replace the rotting roof structure.

5. Algae And Mold Growth

Both algae and mold thrive in a warm and humid climate. That is a perfect condition found in the attic when there is a leak. The good news is that it may not affect the entire roofing system, but when they occur, it is a sign of a roof leak.

6. Damaged or Missing Shingles

The moment you see shingles buckling, it could either be a sign of either roof deck movement or inadequately applied felt. However, curling shingles is a sign of either hot air in the attic or water absorption. To prevent more problems, contact a professional.

7. Damaged Flashing

The main cause of this problem is improper roof installation. However, when it begins to dry, it offers the same sign. For this reason, you need a professional who can help you inspect and solve this problem. If left unchecked, it may cause water damages when there is rain or snow.


Any moment you see water damage or experience a leaking roof, you should consider calling a professional immediately. Never try to solve the problem yourself without the help of a professional. That is because the chances are you do not understand the rules that come with roof repairs and maintenance.

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