5 of the Most Common Shingle Roofing Repairs that you should Know

Since the roof plays a pivotal role in protecting you and your home from the adversities and harshness of weather, it surely requires special attention. Hence, you should be concerned about its overall condition and performance. But how you should know what type repairs your roof might need. To assist you in this regard, here are the 5 common shingle roofing repairs that your roof may require to keep it in good shape and enhance its performance.

Look for Damaged or Clogged Gutters

In fact, faulty gutters may also serve as a cause of damaging your roof. If you don’t clean the gutters by removing debris or standing water, it would lead to causing serious damage to the roof and walls of your home. Even if you keep the gutters clean, they need to be repaired after a few years to maintain their functionality.

Replace Missing or Cracked Shingles

Shingles not only protect your roof, but they also give a nice appearance to your home. Hence, when it comes to replacing the shingles, you are actually protecting the roof as well as maintaining the looks of your home. Shingles are not tough enough to bear the harsh weather conditions like heavy snow of windstorm. Hence, it’s likely to find some of these to be missing every now and then.

When shingles are damaged, you need to replace them immediately to avoid water destroying the roof and interior of your home. In case of roof leaks, you may have to repaint the roof from inside. Buckling and curling are some of the issues that you can easily identify by just looking at the roof. You need to replace the shingles to prevent further damage.

Take Care of Fascia

Most of the homeowners are not familiar with this term, but they probably have seen it. It is a more sophisticated name for roof trim. It actually runs along the roofline of your home, designed to stop the water from entering your home. For most of the time it is exposed to severe weather conditions; hence start to exhibit signs of damage after a few years. So, you should monitor its condition at least twice a year.


It is a finished surface located below the rafters and fascia. Soffits play a key role when it comes to attic ventilation. Moreover, it helps to prevent your rafters and sheathing from rotting. This structure is normally constructed from vinyl, which makes it a perfectly resistant against water. When inspecting soffits, you should look for minor cracks or holes that may cause water to seep into the roof.

Flashings also Need your Attention

Flashings act as an effective sealant, which protects those parts of a roof that are not covered. These may include walls, roof edges or drains. Apart from these areas, flashings also protect some other parts of the roof from water seepage. When inspecting the flashings, look for rust or any loose areas that can allow water to seep into the interior. Although it is quite easy to get them repaired, you should try to contact an experienced roofing contractor to complete the task professionally.

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