4 Roof Repairs To Go On Your Summer Projects List

1. Check The Ventilation In Your Attic 

Ventilation plays a critical role in guaranteeing your roof’s lifespan. However, it is one aspect of roof maintenance that tends to be overlooked quite often. A lot of roof damage gets caused by moisture building-up inside of the attic during the winter, and a lot of the build-up gets caused by condensation which forms when the warm air in the interior comes into contact with outside cold air inside the attic. 

If there is nowhere for the condensation to go, it may cause mold to start to spread throughout your house, damage your roof deck, and if it is allowed to go unchecked, it may even rot your rafters out. Since much of the damage is invisible, homeowners frequently are not aware that it is occurring until it’s too late. 

2. Install Gutter Guards And Clean Your Gutters 

A majority of homeowners know that it is important to clean their gutters out. Gutters full of dirt and dead leaves overflow on a regular basis, which causes water to pool next to the foundation and creates unattractive hard water stains on wood or vinyl siding that can be very hard to get rid of. 

However, overflowing gutters do not only cause problems with channeling water away from the house and making sure you don’t have water damage problems with your external walls. Whenever debris builds up inside gutters, it also can push water back up underneath the shingles, and rot the roof deck and reduce the shingles’ lifespan.  

3. Install New Fascia and Soffits 

Fascia and soffit boards play a critical role in keeping your rafters protected and to improve your home’s curb appeal. Like attic ventilation, they also are frequently a misunderstood component of the roofing system.

The major role that fascia and soffit boards play is to protect and close in the underside of the roof at the point where it hangs over the eaves. It is an especially vulnerable aspect of the house, and without having good fascia and soffit, water may easily blow up and underneath the eaves and also into the house. This significantly reduces the lifespan of the rafters and roof deck and potentially cause extensive water damage to the exterior walls of your house. 

4. Replace Or Get A New Skylight 

Skylights are an amazing feature for any house. It has been shown that skylights offer a broad range of positive benefits for homeowners, which includes increased energy levels and getting vitamin D. Skylights can also increase the value of your house and can help you save money on your electricity bills by not needing to rely on artificial light as much.

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