The roof system in any commercial building protects a lot of assets. Whether you are a landlord leasing the space to other businesses or you run your own business in the building, you need to ensure your roof is in good shape. This means you should know the signs you need to look out for to know when your roof needs immediate attention. The following three signs are a good start to keep track of.


Leaks can be apparent or hidden. However, almost in all cases, you need to look for stained walls on the inside and outside walls. If you notice a streak that seems to begin from the roofline and extend downwards, there is a good chance you have a roof leak. If you notice stains on the ceiling, chances are there are pooling water is leaking inside. Stains indicate that you have a small leak.

If you notice actual water flowing from the soffits outside or ceiling inside, you definitely have a leak in your roof. These are signs of a severe leak that need emergency services. As such, you should have the roof inspected immediately.

 Poor Workmanship

Poor workmanship during installation or shoddy repairs will cause your roof to function inefficiently. In such instances, you need to get your roof correctly repaired. Hire professionals who are experienced in roof repairs. They should also have the right equipment and use the right products to get the job right. Call a commercial roofer is you notice roof disrepair.

 Standing Water

Many commercial buildings have flat roofs. If your commercial property has a flat roof, ensure you periodically check the roof for standing water. Pooling water on a roof can be caused by improper installation of materials or structural damage to the building. Clogged drains could also cause water to accumulate on the roof. Either way, it is crucial to take care of the roof right away, thereby preventing further damage.

Contact a Commercial Roofer Today

If your commercial roof has signs of poor workmanship, leaks, or standing water, seek professional help immediately. Call Ultimate Roofing with your details and queries, and we will give you expert advice on what to do next as soon as you ‚Äčcall.

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