3 Common Problems Caused By Commercial Roof Leaks

A commercial building without a functional roof is quite simply incomplete. Even the smallest fault in a commercial roof, if left uncorrected, can cause tremendous headaches and steep repair bills. Whether your property is used for residential rentals, retail space, or office use, you need to safeguard its roof to keep it usable. Expand your knowledge base by reviewing these critical problems that can be caused by roof leaks:

1) Mold Growth

When damage or wear in your roof begins admitting water, that water will penetrate the structural elements and open spaces underneath. Mold can start to grow with amazing speed. Mold growth relies on three things: moisture, heat, and food. A leaking roof provides the first and ordinary indoor conditions provide the second. When it comes to food, mold and mildew aren’t picky; they can feed off of drywall, carpeting, insulation, and even wood.

2) Wood Rot

This is a natural follow-up to the fungal problem described above. Mold and continued water intrusion can compromise the strength of any wood components used in your building’s structure. This can become a dangerous or even disastrous situation if you leave it uncorrected. Once framing members being to rot due to a leaky roof, replacement is the only way to fix the problem – and it’s a costly one.

3) Damaged Insulation

A leaky roof can still cause significant damage even if it doesn’t lead to mold growth or rotten wood. Most forms of insulation used in commercial buildings (like fiberglass) rely on air trapped within lightweight material to slow the transfer of heat. Water that soaks into insulation collapses those air pockets, increasing the insulation’s weight and reducing its ability to block heat. With severe enough leaks, wet insulation could cause the ceiling below to collapse.

Don’t turn a blind eye to leaks in your commercial roof! You can trust Ultimate Roofing to inspect your roof, repair damage, and even install a full replacement, if necessary. Keep water out and keep your property profitable; ‚Äčget in touch with us today by emailing or calling.

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