Heat Damage on a Flat Roof


Your roof not only protects your assets but also protects the structural integrity of your entire building.  When most people think of weather damaging their roof, their thoughts automatically turn to snow and wind.  However, summer can cause major problems for a roof.  A hot, sunny day can wreak havoc especially on a flat roof.  Keep reading to find out more about how the sun can negatively impact your roof:

Thermal Cycle

Summer usually means hot days and pleasant nights.  But, the cycle between these two temperatures can cause your flat roof to expand and contract.  This can allow water to seep into the roof much more easily.   A breathable PVC material may be your best bet to avoid problems that thermal cycling and condensation can cause.


If water has penetrated your flat roof, the problem can intensify because of the sun.  The moisture inside of your roof will heat up and cause a bubbling or blistering inside of your roof.  If you see this happening, be sure to address the problem quickly.  Sections of the roof may need to be repaired and replaced.  If you let this go on to long, your entire roof may need to be changed.

Damage from Moisture

If the moisture in your roof is not addressed, it will provide the perfect breeding ground for both mold and fungus.  The hot heat of summer will accelerate the growth of mold.  Mold and fungus can have detrimental effects on your flashing which can cause major drainage problems.

A roof that is older and has been exposed to extreme heat should be inspected regularly.  Be sure to address any of the above problems quickly so they do not get worse.  The professionals at Ultimate Roofing are standing by to help fix your roof efficiently.  We have both the experience and tools to do the job right.  ‚ÄčContact us today for an inspection.

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