Roof Coating

Sometimes, coating your roof is much more efficient than undertaking a complete roof replace where you remove the roof and install a new one. It can be more cost-effective. In some instances, it can be a better option for your business or home.

One caveat is that you cannot coat asphalt shingle roof. Apart from asphalt, you can coat any other type of roof. Importantly, however, the roof must be in a “coatable” condition. We typically coat metal roofs and single-ply membrane low slope or flat roofs. Single-ply membrane roofs include TPO membrane, smooth modified bitumen membrane, P.V.C membrane, and E.P.D.M.

Roof coating is typically more cost-effective than roof replacement owing to the cost of new metal roof systems. Moreover, the metal roof may be an old historic architectural design that is worth preserving. 

After preparing for coating, you can use fibrated coating such as asphalt coating or aluminum coating, which not only stops roof leaks but also preserves the roof. It can also improve the aesthetics of the roof. However, if you want to improve the esthetics of the roof, you can apply an elastomeric coating system or an acrylic coating system. 

Such coating may or may not include fabric, and the systems may also come with a warranty. Consider these systems as roof membranes that come in a can. They also come in multiple colors giving you stylistic freedom to choose a color you like. You do not need a building permit to apply the coating in most localities, thereby keeping the cost low.

We can also apply these coating systems on single-ply roofs. In case it is feasible to coat your roof, we make sure there is no moisture on the roof whatsoever before applying.

In other cases, we can also use some specialised coatings as standalone roof systems, where we apply the coating over the roof’s plywood sheathing. This gives you a roof system that is exceptionally lightweight and hard to blow off. Such as system is, therefore, perfect to overlay old roofs.

The high-end premium coatings come with long warranties extending between 10 and 15 years from the manufacturer. And in most cases, the warranties are renewable. The manufacturer simply comes to the property and inspects the roof when the warranty period is nearing the end. They will tell you what you should do to maintain the roof coating system. After fulfilling the requirements, they renew the warranty for the coating system for as much as ten years.

If you are looking for high-quality roof coating, ask a seasoned roof coating professional if it suits your property. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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