Is There A Need To Wash Your Commercial Roof?


When operating a commercial facility, you will have a lot of responsibilities. One of the most important being the care and maintenance of the roofing. It is important to take care of roofing because it provides the first line of protection against elements. Many factors can cause water ponding or pooling on a flat metal roof. When the water starts pooling or ponding, fungus and algae will start growing in the pools on your roof. It is a good idea to wash the roof because it will help in eliminating the problem before it starts spreading. If you don’t invest in the maintenance of the commercial flat roof, you might be forced to get the services of a roofing company, and this is where you will have to spend a lot of money.

Why should you wash the roof?
You will see a better performance of your roofing when it has been washed, just like any other asset in the commercial building. It will end up lasting for longer, and you will experience lower temperatures on the roof, and also help in reducing energy use. Having a white membrane on the top of the building will go a long way in helping because it will reflect UV rays, and this will lead to lower roof temperatures. The rooftop HVAC system will be under less stress.
Moisture is an enemy of a building, especially on a roof that has a metal material. Ponding is a threat to a roofing system that is flat because it can lead to the build-up of debris, and also holding water than can lead to ponding problems. Another problem caused by ponding is splitting and blistering, and when this happens, there is an opening created, then rusts start to appear.

A roof can become a source of fire: with a clean roof, this is not a problem because there is no fuel resting on it. Properly cleaning the roof will help in reducing the risks of fire.

During the cleaning process, you will be also doing an inspection looking for any signs of damage. Cleaning regularly lets you identify small problems before they become serious and cost you a lot of money to repair or even replace the entire roofing.

Sectors such as food processing will require the building operator to meet the building code.  You will be able to follow these guidelines by cleaning the roofing regularly.

One of the best ways of keeping the roof sealed is through professional cleaning because it is going to remove the build-up of debris that has been accumulating for months or even years. The first cleaning can be a little hard, but it gets easier every time thereafter.

A professionally cleaned roof is going to provide an improved look of the business. A clean roof sends out the message that you handle your business well, and the customers will be happy working with you, so send us a message! Reach out to us for your commercial roof washing.

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