7 Common Roof Problems You Should Be Familiar With


Identifying any indicators of roof damage at an early stage and taking the necessary steps to correct them will reduce your maintenance expenditure. To ascertain whether you need repairs on your roof you must have an understanding of common issues that arise frequently. As a property owner, being aware of these issues will save you a lot of money by avoiding costly replacement.
Common Roofing Problems that Demand Roof Maintenance

Roof Vent Defects
 Normally roof vents will become brittle as they are continuously exposed to external elements such as storms, heavy rains and animals which may lead to leakages. If you note signs of wearing out in the vents, call on experts to assist.

Gutter Issues
Leaks, clogging, holes, improper pitching and sagging are some of the common problems with gutters. To avoid them, you must take the following measures:

  • Regularly clean your gutters and take out debris such as twigs, sticks and leaves so that they do not build up.
  • Secure the joints properly by caulking them suitably.
  • Patch bigger holes with proper reinforcement.
  • To ensure smooth water flow make sure that the gutter is sloping towards the downspouts.

Damaged Shingles
Shingle damage can be in the following forms; cupping, cracking, fish mouthing, blistering or curling. This can be the result of improper installation, trees that are so near to the roof or natural elements like storms.

Faulty Flashing
Roof flashing insulates against leaks. Faulty flashing might arise if you used poor quality materials or if the installation was not done properly. Also, extreme weather can lead to such damage.

Damages to the Roof Valley
The roof valley is the angle whereupon two v-shaped slopes converge. Aging, poor installation, leaking and incorrect fixing of nails as well as utilizing materials of inferior quality are the most common reasons for roof valley problems.

Chimney & Skylight Issues
In case the flashing that surrounds your chimney becomes detached from the brick, you may begin experiencing leaks. You must flush out the debris that has built up and repair it immediately by using cement. Skylights’ damage can be caused by the accumulation of debris, twigs, leaves or snow which can lead to leaks.

Roof Plumbing Stack Problems
This refers to the primary drain that assembles and dispenses wastewater that drains out from the house. You must be keen to spot issues like serious blockage and clogging.

Hire Professionals for your Roof Repairs. 
Engage experts for your roof repairs to guarantee correct installation and to ensure that a comprehensive maintenance routine is followed which will assist in early identification of potential problems and hence increase the life span of your roof. Ultimate roofers provide the roofing services you need, talk to our professionals today.

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